Business Priorities In A COVID-19 World

What makes up an economy is businesses and people trading with one another. Due to a hard stop in the economies around the world, bankruptcies are increasing making it harder for economies to restart when the time comes. Taxes are not being earned by countries making those countries economically weaker. 

Essentially governments are biting the hand that feeds them. It is a Lose-Lose. There is one country that has decided to go their own way, Sweden. Epidemiologist for the State, Anders Tegnell has said that “herd immunity may be the only way to beat this pandemic and that Sweden will be in a better place to handle a second wave as so many have been exposed.” He told CNN recently that he “believes that Sweden passed the peak of the epidemic 1 week ago.”

Sweden is open for business, their borders are also open and nothing has been made into law by the government. On the contrary, it is not the government that has made the decisions, it is the epidemiologists that have been in charge of the strategy to beat the virus. The government has left the experts to do their job.

How is your country handling this crisis? Most importantly how are you holding up? The only way through this global crisis is together so please reach out and start a dialogue here so that we can all pitch in and support. Or join me on my Webinar May 6th, register here.