How Business Leaders Prepare For The Storm

Sea Levels are rising and there is nothing we can do to stop them. This is the latest scientific findings from John Englander a US scientist specialising in sea levels.

In his speech John shows that all things happen in cycles and we are at the cutting edge of a 400,000-year old cycle of ice ages. Over this time 4 ice ages have occurred, the last ice age peaked 22,000 years ago. Since then the temperature has warmed 5 degrees, releasing Co2 from the ocean as it warmed, increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 180 ppm to 280ppm, rising sea levels over 400ft.

John Englander – Sea Level Rise – Key Slides

Sea levels rise from ice melting on glaciers, and these are happening in 2 main areas, Greenland and the Antarctica at a rapid rate. In fact, the Antarctica is melting 3 times faster than it used to 10 years ago.

Co2 levels have risen to an unprecedented 410ppm. Man is putting more Co2 into the air trapping heat as described in the Greenhouse effect that John Tyndall, British Scientist, proved with his experiments 160 years ago. 

The effect will be continued sea level rise even if we reduce emissions, and by 2050 we could see at the minimum a 3ft rise in the oceans.

We are heading back to the time 120,000 years ago where sea levels were 25ft higher and humans had no impact back then. How much will they rise, we don’t know, just like we don’t know other things like when we will die. Green House Gases are 40% higher than they should be and the temperature has increased 1 degree because of this. Where this is going is uncertain, but what is certain is that we can prepare for it, and start now.

How to Prepare

Procrastination is the problem. As change is not dramatic leaders are not responding in a proactive way. The sooner we prepare for change and engineer for the future the easier we will be able to adapt. It is not a matter of if it will happen, it is a matter of when. Those countries that adapt the fastest will be the ones most prepared and who thrive economically in an uncertain future.

Just like the very very long cycles of ice ages, we also have economic cycles. As Ray Dalio describes we are in a cycle that is very similar to the late 1930s. Debt is high, interest rates are low, countries are at each other’s throats and a wave of popularism is sweeping the world characterised by strong nationalistic world leaders protecting their interests.

The trend in the next few years will be a contraction of the market and for business leaders, this will mean that they need to prepare themselves in a proactive way to win the game of business. Metaphorically by creating leaders and cultures that perform like flood barriers, preventing losses of talent and revenue as the economic storm comes in. The effect will be improved productivity, better customer experiences and happy employees.

Visionary, Evolved Leaders are required to survive in these times ahead. As John Englander mentions in his speech I referred to above, we have to rise up with the oceans. Will you? Are you willing to take advantage of this opportunity to evolve your self as a leader and prepare your business so it can weather the storms ahead?