How many of you reading this are dealing with high levels of stress in your life and are struggling to manage all the competing priorities, emotional people and high demands for example?

In this economic winter with the sky rocketing costs of living, financial pressures, job cuts, strikes and rising interest rates, we need to boost our mental immunity to be able handle all these pressures and stay healthy both mentally and emotionally.

Many of you may remember William Trubridge, a good friend and colleague of mine from New Zealand who lives in the Bahamas. William is a professional free diver and the deepest man in the world. To be 4 mins away from his next breath as he dives to depths of 100+ meters (330 feet+) requires incredible control over his thoughts and emotions.

Due to the dramatic rise in mental health issues around the world over the last 2-3 years, William saw the need to develop an online course called The Mental Immune System. This course is designed so that anyone can achieve the same level of mental and emotional control as he doesusing his proven methods and techniques.

For a limited time only, William is offering this incredible and simple online course to you, our loyal Timothy’s Thought for Thursday subscriber, at 50% off for $49. Get started right now and build your Mental Immunity over 9 x 15 minutes lessons, so you can kick off the new year in your best shape ever.

If you want to be the master of your mind and emotions, decrease your stress levels and perform out of your mind in whatever endeavour you are pursuing, here is your opportunity to learn from the best example I know of in the world today.

This offer disappears soon so take action today and get right started nowbefore it disappears. Give yourself the gift of mental and emotional control, a gift that will keep on giving back year in and year out.