How Business Leaders Prepare For The Storm

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Sea Levels are rising and there is nothing we can do to stop them. This is the latest Scientific findings from John Englander a US scientist specialising in sea levels.

All things happen in cycles and we are the cutting edge of a 400,000-year ice age cycle. Over this time 4 ice ages have occurred, the last ice age peaked 22,000 years ago. Since then the temperature has warmed 5 degrees, releasing Co2 from the ocean as the oceans warmed, increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 180 ppm to 280ppm, rising sea levels over 400f

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The Cost Of Climate Change And What We Can Do

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Recent climate change protests in the UK by the activist group Extinction Rebellion have caused the UK government to take action. MP’s approved a motion to declare an environment and climate emergency, the first government in the world to do so. Protests were fueled by anger over inaction on climate change and those the activist group saw who are funding the destruction of the planet.

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Happiness and Well Being

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I am on a European trip for 2 weeks that is a working holiday. First stop is Manresa at the base of the revered and spectacular Montserrat where I am visiting a community that is working towards a sustainable model and way of living in right relationship with the planet.

The nature around Montserrat is incredible. The mountains are awe-inspiring. The sun is shining a lot, there is plenty of fresh air, incredible food that only Catalonia can provide and amazing company from a truly happy community. It is all nourishment for the soul. I am inspired or in-spirit, in other words in the now enjoying the gift of its presence.

We all need to learn how to co-exist in harmony with the Mother Earth in ways that are sustainable. It starts with being in right relationship with ourselves. Finding the joy within, communing with nature and being in the company of other inspired happy souls. Lao Tzu said, “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way!”

We are responsible for our state, for how we feel. When we truly take responsibility for this, no one can make us feel how we don’t want to feel. That gives us a choice and is extremely empowering. So how do you want to feel? How about choosing to feel fulfilled and joyful every day. What difference would that make in your life, in the life of the ones that you love the most?


No one said it would be easy, but the truth is we have this choice every day. We need support to be reminded, a community of people around us that care and hold us accountable. In the World Happiness Report conducted by Gallup, it shows the top 10 countries have high values of 6 key variables that have been found to support Well Being. These are income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity or contribution.

At what level are you experiencing these values? Try ranking yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 bring absolutely and if you fall short of 8 then what do you need to do to increase that value in your life to get to an 8/10 or higher?

Take the 5 mins to do that exercise today and see what you find. If we can change our thoughts and feelings, then we can change our world and if enough of us change our worlds then perhaps, just perhaps the world might change with us.


3 Keys To Finding And Developing Talent

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One of the top challenges we have found that our clients and leaders have is trouble finding good people, keeping them on board, and developing a succession or talent program. Your people are THE most important asset you have. You MUST take the time to develop and support them in being all they can be. It’s what all people strive for; to grow and develop. This is part of being Human.

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