Your Best Year Yet, 2021?

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought your life, income, or business would be further along than it is right now? If you did, you are not alone. We have the answers to help you get there and you may be super surprised at what they are.

The truth is if you don’t change, then nothing will change. Instead of trying to create better results by working harder, reacting to life, or pivoting into something new, I am inviting you to create your best year yet in the way that world-class athletes and leaders do. By partnering with a world-class coach.

Life like Business is not a ‘do it on your own gig.’

Having been a World-Class Athlete and now as a Business Leader, I have constantly worked with the best coaches in the world TO HELP ME BREAKTHROUGH & GET THE RESULTS I WANT.

We all need a coach. Think about that, how is it working for you without one?

If this resonates and sounds right, then I am here to support you.

Having worked for 20+ years with some of the world’s top leaders, athletes, and entrepreneurs as their personal coach, this is what I do best. Evolve people in life and business from the inside out based on that 80% of success is psychological and 20% is tactics/strategy. Since Xmas and the New Year are on our doorstep I thought I would share a few ways that you can work with me in 2021.

To inquire then reach out to us on the links below and make sure you let us know what you are interested in and we will send you an application as well as set up a time with my team to make sure this is right for you.

1. Your very own Fingerprint for Success De-brief

  • Learn what your strengths and blindspots are in business and as an entrepreneur or leader.
  • Benchmark your mindset against the world’s best leaders.
  • Get feedback, study, and learn how to improve your capabilities.
  • Discover your own personal fingerprint for success development plan.

The first step, complete the F4S assessment by signing up here. Make your inquiry here.

2. Fingerprint for Success Coaching

  • Overcome Risks for venture failure.
  • Improve your strengths to increase your performance.
  • Become a high performing people-centric leader.
  • Learn how to lead yourself for success.
  • Create success habits for scaling your business.

Includes a debrief as above, 3 months of coaching 1-to-1 with Timothy, actions between sessions, and high accountability. Inquire here NOW to ensure your kick start to 2021.

3. Executive Coaching

  • Scale your performance and improve your capability.
  • Scale your business and increase your revenue.
  • Learn to do less and achieve more.
  • Discover how to perform like a world-class athlete.
  • Master the art and science of leading and influencing people.
  • And much more.

Executive Coaching is the number 1 methodology in the world for getting better results. It has consistently a super high Return on Time, Investment, and Energy and typically pays for itself 10x over or more. Work 1-to-1 with Timothy for 6 months towards hitting specific targets. A bespoke development plan is created according to your needs after the initial assessment is completed. Inquire here NOW to ensure your business success in 2021.

4. Evolutionary Leadership Coaching

By application only for company leaders and high net worth individuals that lead or own 7, 8 or 9 figure revenue businesses. Timothy only works with a handful of these Leaders a year. This is not for everyone and if this is you then inquire here to create the results you deserve in 2021.