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Interview With The World’s Best Free Diver

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Having been a former athlete representing New Zealand and understanding what it takes to perform out of your mind, I decided to take the opportunity to interview the world’s best free diver, William Trubridge recently to gain insight into how he dives to such incredible depths. In this revealing discussion, you will learn about this remarkable man’s winning mindset and what makes him tick.

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How To Unlock Your Team’s Flow State

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We live in a world full of distractions – our working lives are full of meetings, phone calls, email and open plan offices; at home, media, notifications and the internet make achieving our goals tricky unless we can fully focus on them.

According to one study, it takes people 23 minutes and 15 seconds on average to refocus after a distraction – that’s a lot of potential lost time that is costing businesses a significant amount of productivity.

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How to tell if you have a good coach or a great coach

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Many people these days call themselves coaches. Really, all you need is a website and a business card that says executive coach on it. This low barrier to entry makes it difficult for businesses to distinguish between a good coach and the kind of coach and consultant who can become a long-term business partner and deliver true transformation to a leader, team or whole organization.

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3 Things You Need To Be Doing Now To Maximize Q4 Profits

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For many of the leaders I work with, the start of Q4 is the time to ramp up to a big finish at the end of the year. But Q4 can be challenging: holidays are on the horizon, curtailing productivity, and people start to wind down for the year. So how can you get the most out of your team before 2018 ends? Here are three things you can be doing from a strategy point of view to help finish Q4 with a bang:

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