About Timothy J. Carroll

Timothy J. Carroll can hardly remember a time when leadership and performance weren’t important themes in life. The son of an entrepreneur, he was raised in an environment where leadership values were prized, and no-one was surprised when, later in life, Timothy started a successful business of his own.

An avid sportsman from childhood, Timothy mastered Barefoot Waterskiing and was chosen at just 16 to represent New Zealand at four World Championships. By his early 20s, Timothy had already started fashioning his own philosophy of leadership as a way of being – something that stems not from external forces, but from personal patterns of thought and behaviour.

After working in the personal/professional development industry in Australia and studying cognitive behavioural sciences and self-actualizing psychology, Timothy founded the Carroll Consultancy Group. Today, he is a recognized expert in organisational and behavioural change, and has helped some of Europe’s most successful organisations dramatically develop their people and performance.

In addition to corporate clients such as Schneider Electric Group, KAEFER Group, Yellow Pages and Mannheimer Swartling, Timothy has worked with PGA of Sweden and the Swedish Golf Federation and continued to coach a number of elite athletes. In 2008, he served as performance coach for a Swedish equestrian eventing rider at the Beijing Olympics. Timothy believes you should never stop learning, and he has continually sought out the best in the world to learn from. He has devoted his career to sharing his insights with people who aspire to lead in the corporate world and the world of sports. Timothy J. Carroll’s genuineness, experience, passion for growth and “Down Under” personality make him a natural and comfortable person to work with.


When I wanted to lift my business game, it made sense to turn to Timothy who is himself a strong, ambitious achiever. His focused knowledge, together with powerful personal energy, make him an inspiring and highly rewarding consultant. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Jonathan Winch - Co-founder and Partner at Eye for Image

Through constructive personal engagement with leading questions and shared insights Timothy works to create new paradigms and breakthrough experiences leading to improved ways of working. I highly recommend working with Timothy if you want to get the best out of yourself and team.

Ian Trousdell - Director at Flowform International Corp

Timothy has helped me to understand that when I work on myself and my inner game of sales I can achieve my goals more easily and even surpass them. He gives a clear presentation of how to do this and I really trust him as a sales coach and consultant.

Mikael Zetterberg - when he was Sales Executive for Large Enterprises, IP-Only

Our Approach to Working with Clients

At Carroll Consultancy Group, our sole focus is to help you succeed. We work with your top-end leadership, creating bespoke solutions that enable your company to perform at its best, year in and year out.

What we value when working with clients:


Building a relationship based on a mutual understanding of what’s really important is the first step. To work together successfully, both sides need to feel confident that a strong relationship has been built – that we are on the same page. This creates the trust needed to succeed.

Seeking to Understand

Understanding is achieved through active listening, asking the right questions at the right time to determine your exact objectives. Our goal is to meet you where you are – and clearly understand the difference between where you are and where you want to be.


We achieve more together, and the transformation you seek comes about through working together. We genuinely care about your situation and the challenges you and your company face. We understand that “people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”


To pass value on to you, we have to understand the true value of your project. We never “keep the meter running.” We always charge a fixed fee for our engagement, which gives you unlimited access to our resources. We make sure your bespoke solution delivers a dramatic ROI every time.


We are hired to support you in delivering long-term results. We measure our progress together by reviewing the objectives and measures regularly. We aim to help you achieve your objectives as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy and benefit from the improved conditions.

Ongoing Support

Building a relationship based on a mutual understanding of what’s really important is the first step. To work together successfully, both sides need to feel confident that a strong relationship has been built – that we are on the same page. This creates the trust needed to succeed.

From the Blog

How To Serve Others To Achieve Their Goals

| Timothy's Thought for Thursday | No Comments

Serving others by influencing them to achieve their goals through investing in your product is ethical sales. 

Selling is perceived by so many people as a dirty word because sales people who tend to push what they want to happen onto their clients show they just don’t care. This gives sales a bad name. 

How Fear Is The Biggest Virus In The World Right Now

| Timothy's Thought for Thursday | No Comments

Fear is the biggest virus out there in the world right now. Fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real or F*#K Everything And Run, depending on how you see the world. Unfortunately, a large amount of the population have their belief systems created by listening to the news on TV. 

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