8 Building Blocks for Healthier Habits

Ever notice how easy it is to develop and stick with bad habits, yet creating long-lasting healthy ones often feels like an endless challenge? The habits and behaviors we let guide us in life can be tricky to manage. It’s important to push past toxic traits that try to hold us back and embrace positive methods that give us more strength to achieve healthier lifestyles.

Good habits and behaviors drive positive change while also helping you to achieve the lasting results you desire. Here are 7 tips to consider as you strive to create solid, attainable habits that will set you up for success:

  1. Define your goals. The desire to break a bad habit is a great starting point. Make sure you also identify new, smarter options that will replace the old and keep your mind engaged in the pursuit of optimal health. Goal setting is a proven technique in behavior change and can help you maximize your potential. Having new goals to work toward will keep the temptations to revert at bay.
  2. Start small. Incorporate one little habit at a time, such as healthy hydration, rather than making a drastic change all at once. Keep the steps small but specific. For example, instead of a vague statement like, “I’m going to hydrate regularly,” try, “I’m going to keep a log of how much water I drink during the day.” This encourages self-accountability.
  3. Be mindful. Changing habits often requires mindfulness. Make sure that you are aware of why you want to start a new habit so that your mind becomes informed and motivated to make this change. Identify the WHY!
  4. Practice patience. On average, creating a new habit takes over two months of consistent behavior. So don’t get discouraged if you miss a day with your new habit after a week or two. This is natural! Do your best to stay committed to your new behavior, and before you know it, this practice will be a part of your routine without a second thought.
  5. Believe in yourself! Achieving your goals involves adopting a positive mindset. Having confidence in your abilities to stick with a new habit will give you that necessary push to make your goals become a reality. Positive reinforcement is key.
  6. Find strength in setbacks. None of us are perfect. Not even close. Setbacks are inevitable, and while they often make us feel defeated, we can’t let them drag us into a state of discouragement. Setbacks are actually very important parts of success. They make us stronger. Without them our victories would feel a little less meaningful, wouldn’t you say?
  7. Celebrate your success. It’s important to reward your efforts consistently while implementing new habits. Recognize your accomplishments when you hit a milestone, even if it’s a small one. This will motivate you as you continue moving forward.
  8. Reach out. If you’re struggling to conquer old habits, reach out to someone you’re close with or someone who is a great motivator. Get in touch with me, too. I’d be more than happy to provide additional guidance and teach you how to rebuild your habits the right way.

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