Do you know what all Evolutionary Leaders have in common? They desire to live in a state of constant and never-ending improvement (CANI).

Evolutionary Leaders are always looking to move forward in a way that’s productive and valuable. They live life in motion, in hungry pursuit of Peak Performance!

Daily physical motion keeps you on the right track toward achieving Peak Performance. It releases endorphins and motivates you to power forward in all aspects of your life.

To get in motion and feel great inside and out, it doesn’t necessarily take intense workouts or making major changes to your lifestyle all at once. True Success is achieved through tiny changes over time.

Here are seven simple areas of healthy motion to include in your daily routine and keep you in a state CANI:

1. Stance.

Practice motion while you’re sitting. For example, while seated in an upright chair that supports your posture, flex your stomach muscles, and take deep breaths. Stance can also apply to activities such as meditation. As you meditate, get completely out of your mind and allow yourself to focus solely on your breathing—in and out, in and out. This minimal motion might seem small, yet over time you’ll recognize massive improvement in your natural posture and overall wellbeing.

2. Standing.

Get out of your chair as much as possible. Instead of sitting for hours, try to stand when you talk on the phone or try a standing desk when you are working on your laptop. I swear by my standing desk, and highly encourage others to use one, too.

3. Strolling (Walking).

Take standing a step further and walk whenever possible. Park your car farther away from the store to add extra steps to your daily count. Put on your favorite podcast (my favorite is The New P&L) while you walk around the block or on the treadmill. Make it social—invite a friend, neighbor, or family member to take a walk with you. While you’re burning calories, you’re also building community and nurturing these relationships (bonus!).

4. Stairs.

Climbing one flight of stairs is equivalent to walking 100 steps so instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs to burn quick calories. Stair-climbing provides an extremely satisfying workout. If you belong to a gym or somewhere with a stairclimbing machine, I recommend giving it a whirl. What’s even better is that you can do this exercise virtually anywhere without it costing much. Channel your inner Rocky and take to the steps!

5. Sway (Dance).

Swap for Salsa, Samba, or Swing if you’d prefer. Dance is an incredibly fun way to express yourself while also exercising. You don’t need to have experience to dance—just turn on your favorite music and start moving! Music boosts both physical and mental performance. Tapping your foot, nodding to the beat, or even singing will also elevate your heartbeat. If you enjoy having more direction, try out a fitness dance class such as Zumba or an online platform like Kinrgy.

6. Switch.

To switch means to do things by hand instead of using a machine. For example, instead of loading all the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner, take time to wash them by hand. Such a seemingly minute change, yet the benefits of small switches like this extend beyond motion — they positively impact your mindset (and your utility bills…). By switching up small areas in your life, you are creating healthy habits for yourself that are easy to stick to.

7. Strengthen.

A strength exercise is any activity that makes your muscles work harder than usual. These activities typically involve using your body weight or working against a resistance. They help increase your muscles’ strength, size, power, and endurance. Whether you’re lifting weights at the gym or lifting heavy boxes in your own home, there are many different ways to strengthen your core muscles.

Isn’t that awesome? Who knew it could be this easy?

These seven categories cover the full range of muscle energy expenditure in your everyday life. They are small choices—simple, yet very effective. Remember, habits are built over time and do not happen overnight. Simply using one of these tips—each day of the week—and working your way up will still have an impact.