Emotional fitness is important. Our emotions ultimately determine our behaviour, which impacts our performance and the results we get in life.

How emotionally fit are you? Are you in charge of your emotions or are your emotions in charge of you? When you tell yourself to go, do you go for it, or do you hesitate? Are you able to lead yourself effectively and have you developed great habits that serve you daily?

More than ever the world needs emotionally fit leaders that are living freely, established in courage, and are super present.

Here are 5 ways for you to get yourself in charge, keep emotionally fit, and take responsibility for living in a great state every day:

  1. Physiology – Stand the way you stand when feeling strong, confident, and certain. Breathe the way you breathe, and allow yourself to feel powerful. Breathing exercises help to move your emotional energy through your body and stop it from getting stuck. This will provide a comforting sense of calm within you. Use your body to put yourself into a great state at any time.
  2. Focus – What you focus on is what you feel. Focus on what you want. See it in your mind’s eye. Take charge of where you put your attention. Write it down and most importantly address WHY you want it. Your Why power drives your Will power.
  3. Meaning/Language – There is no meaning out there, only the meaning you give it. Choose powerful, uplifting meanings every day. Positive self-talk! Speak of what it is you want. Speak of it the way you want it. Ask yourself out loud if it helps – “What do I want and what do I need right now?” Inspire people towards a compelling future, a meaningful bright future.
  4. Practice – Practice makes permanent, repetition is the mother of learning. Practice getting into 3 resourceful states that will help you achieve what it is that you want. Tap into them daily until they become your emotional base, solid, strong, and consistent. This is Emotional Fitness and it is this that will set you free.
  5. Ownership – We must fully own our emotions and be 100% responsible for them. No excuses. You own them, they are yours, and no one makes you feel anything—you do. Only we are responsible for how we think and feel. Taking full ownership and responsibility will give us the power to decide, creating personal freedom.

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