5 Reasons Why ‘Being Present’ Is So Important For Your Success

The number one thing people can do on a regular basis to switch off their mind is to learn to just be. To give ourselves the opportunity to just ‘be’ on a regular basis and connect with out true nature, supports us in coming back into balance and performing to our best. It is in our nature to excel, to strive, and to perform. The human being, in fact, is designed to do so. 

The problem is human beings have become human doings and lost touch with their true nature and all the benefits that come with it. Joy, fulfilment, a meaningfull existence, peak performance and optimum health are all our birthrights. So how do we just ‘be’ and what does that entail?

Most commonly described as meditation, taking the time to ‘be’ has been recognised by the scientific community, sporting community and more recently the business community as being one of the most important methodologies to learn to increase performance. Following are a few benefits of mediation that I learned from studying with Dr. Deepak Chopra when I learnt how to meditate in 1996.

“Lose your mind and come to your senses.”  – Fritz Perls 

Scientific studies done on meditation over two decades have proven that:

  1. Meditation directly releases stress. Long term meditators cope better with stress.
  2. Biological age is reversed. Robert Wallace at UCLA, California, found 5 years of meditation regressed biological age on average 12 years.
  3. Our health improves. 2000 meditators were studied and found to have 87% less heart disease and hospitaised 50% less often for cancer.
  4. It improves focus, creativity, learning ability and memory. 
  5. Meditation supports us in coming into the now and staying present in the midst of dynamic activity, where peak performance is experienced.

How important is it to learn to just ‘be’ in 2018? What would be the impact on your performance, your health and the quality of your life? What can you do today, right now in fact, to start?

Excerpt from “The Evolutionary Leader – 5 steps to dramatically develop people & performance.” by Timothy J. Carroll