Timothy J. Carroll
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The Five Leadership Myths

Learn the 5 things to avoid to perform at your best.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

11am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)
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Tip #1

The 5 Leadership Myths you can avoid so you can perform at your best


Tip #2

How to liberate yourself from self-limiting programming


Tip #3

Develop your ability to be super present and get into the zone where everything happens easily and effortlessly.

About Timothy

Timothy J. Carroll is a Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, and Keynote Speaker. He has worked with some of the world’s most successful companies, leaders, and sport clubs; helping them dramatically develop their people & performance. Timothy is a recognised leader in the field of performance development, with decades of experience from three continents. He has represented New Zealand at four World Championships, competing for over 16 years. Timothy currently resides with his family in the Bahamas.


“Timothy provides business coaching to our Leadership at all levels in our company. I have hired Timothy’s services for many years and he has always been reliable in creating great lasting results that really develop both individuals as well as the business.”

Christer Sjostrom

Senior Vice President – Solutions and Services Nordic Baltic Zone at Schneider Electric

“Proudly overly optimistic, Timothy fiercely looks for only the best in others, intently focused on the unfoldment of one’s spirit and their greatest potential. Timothy’s unique life experiences and outlook have cultivated within him a deep capacity for embracing and appreciating culture and for finding connection amongst diversity.”

Michelle Duval

Founder & CEO – Equilibrio Coaching Company

“Timothy offered a unique insight into the techniques available for overcoming psychological hurdles and developing mental confidence in sports, with examples from his sporting career and from the athletes that he has worked closely with as a mental coach. He was able to relate to the students on many levels and always had a keen and vibrant energy that brought out the best in everyone.”

William Trubridge

Double World Record Holding Freediver