The 5 Benefits That You Will Reap From Serving Others

Recently in the period of 24 hours, I was deeply touched by several examples of people’s level of commitment to serve others.

It started with the 100-year remembrance on Sunday of the end of World War 1. I was in Gatwick Airport in the UK at 11:00 am, the exact time the guns fell silent 100 years before. The airport stopped, all activity, employees and passengers stood still for 1 minute of silence. It was as if time froze. That minute was a long time and in that time I reflected on all of the young men who gave up their lives to serve a higher purpose, Freedom! I was deeply touched.

Monday night I tuned into Saving Private Ryan a movie about a group of American soldiers charged during World War 2 to go and find Private Ryan, one of only 4 brothers left alive. They learnt many things about life, death and service on their mission to find and bring him out of danger and home to his parents. 

He survived and years later he returned to the graves of those who gave their lives for his as an old man to thank them. Most of all he thanked them by the life that he lived every day. Choosing to make his life a good one so his brothers in arms did not die in vain.

Schindler’s List blew my mind regarding how human beings have the potential to go beyond their own needs and take care of others. A German businessman, Oskar Schindler, saves the lives of 100’s of Jews from the hands of the Nazi’s at great risk to himself in occupied Poland during World War 2.

“There is no way to Love, Love is the way!”

We are all here for a reason. We have skills, talents and passions and our job is to use these in service to humanity. To do what we love and what we are great at in service to others. When we do, there are great benefits for us and for all concerned. 


Here are 5 benefits that you will reap the rewards from getting deep into serving others:

1. Service is contribution. The highest need on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs relates to contribution. When we focus on contribution we take care of all our other needs. Through contributing we create certainty in our lives, we also create variety, significance, love, connection and more. 

2. Service to humanity equals service to our clients. When we fall in love with taking care of our clients then we achieve happy engaged clients in our business. This creates more orders, improved performance as an individual as well as a company. 

3. When we serve we live our lives more in our hearts and less in our heads. The consequence is a life more full of love and less full of suffering. All suffering comes from the mind and ego. Focusing on service to others helps to transcend our lowly self and establish ourselves at a higher level of consciousness. 

4. The result of all the above is that we fulfill our human needs allowing us to peak and self actualize. We transcend certainty, uncertainty, significance and love and establish ourselves deep in growth and contribution. This creates consistent fulfillment and joy in our lives.

5. Last of all, the above supports us in making a difference and leaving a legacy. To leave your mark on the world get deep into serving others. Then when it is time to leave this world you can with no regrets and a feeling of being complete. 

My challenge to you is to think about how you can really do what you love and serve others while doing it. To learn to make your life’s purpose about serving others and their needs. Of course, to really take care of others you need to take care of self first and this is the paradox of life. Taking care of self means you have the energy, health and ability to serve. 

What can you do to serve others today? Make a list, schedule it and take massive action. I would love to hear how it works out for you.