3 Keys To Finding And Developing Talent

One of the top challenges we have found that our clients and leaders have is trouble finding good people, keeping them on board, and developing a succession or talent program. Your people are THE most important asset you have. You MUST take the time to develop and support them in being all they can be. It’s what all people strive for; to grow and develop. This is part of being Human.

Timothy Carroll1. Identify Talent & Hire Stars

When looking for talented people, take your time. Slow is fast and fast is slow. Set up a clear profile of the person that you are looking for to fill a specific role. Write down the skills, attitude, and type of behaviors you are looking for in this person. What would blow you away about this person? What ‘magic’ do they possess? How would they fulfill this role at a level of 8/10 or more? Start to look for this person internally and only move outside if the existing talent is not to be seen.

2. Match Them to the Culture

First and foremost, this person must love the role and be skilled at it with a proven record. If these requirements are not in place, forget about it. When looking at candidates, make sure that the culture has the opportunity to interview them, not just the leadership. Get the candidate to work with the people they will be working with for a number of days. Then, ask your people how it is to work with the candidate. They must be a good fit for the culture. 

3. Create a Compelling Future

Each person has some idea of what they want and where they want to be in the future. Take the time to talk to them about that. Discover their goals, dreams, and desires. Create a plan for their development that you both agree on. In 3 years from now, where would you like to be? Where are your talents and abilities best suited in the company? Who can this person succeed in the future and why?

Applying these 3 keys will give you a good start in creating a people factory that performs to its potential and is highly engaged.