Your health impacts your performance, period. This in my mind is one of the most underestimated areas of performance enhancement in business today.

My health consultant Matt Wallden recommended I complete a 100 day Gong of eliminating post-industrial age toxins from my diet, i.e. Caffeine, Dairy, Alcohol, Sugar & Wheat. All for the purpose of cleaning the system and healing up the gut where 80% of our immune system is located.

After getting halfway through I feel so good I have decided to continue long term and make a permanent lifestyle change. The results have been astounding. Clarity of mind, elimination of cravings, sustained energy, loss of weight, better digestion and elimination, and odd aches and pains have disappeared.

Pre-Industrial age in the 19th century and before, cancer and heart disease were smaller health issues and people died younger but mostly from infectious diseases. Today we are living longer and cancer and heart disease have increased dramatically to become the 2 biggest killers in the western world.

In the USA alone in 2014 there were 614,348 heart disease deaths and 591,699 cancer deaths. In third place with 75% less deaths than the top 2 is lower respiratory disease 147,101.  

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.” – Dalai Lama


Below are 3 performance detractors that I have identified in my research:

  1. Lack of sleep – for centuries we have lived in harmony with day and night cycles. Bright lights activate stress hormones interrupting our rest and recovery time creating havoc with our physiology.
  2. Eating the wrong food – lack of education means we put the wrong fuel into our bodies. This contributes to diabetes, heart disease, obesity etc. Dehydration also plays a major factor in negative stress and its impact.
  3. Inability to pause – our inability to switch off means we are over stimulated contributing to stress, inner turbulence and being out of balance.


So how do we turn this around? What is it we need to do, and stop doing, that will shift our health and quality of life?

  • Minimise the things that stress us. Caffeine, foods that we maybe intolerant too without knowing, lack of rest etc. Reduce bright lights in the evening and take the time to wind down before going to bed.
  • Avoid specific things that are detrimental to the human physiology. i.e. tobacco, alcohol, sugar etc. Maximise our intake of water, organic fruits & vegetables and high quality grass fed meats.  
  • Take the time to ‘just be.’ The number one thing you can do to reduce stress is meditation, just sitting focusing on your breath for 20 mins a day. Active forms like yoga and qi gong are also good.

 It is our responsibility to take care of our health and to do so we must make it number 1. The truth is we take it for granted. Zero health equals a low quality of life and often suffering.

What will you take action on today to start to move towards optimum health and top performance? Make it so!

To learn more about Mastery of Healthplease refer to Chapter 3 of my book The Evolutionary Leader: 5 Steps to Dramatically Develop People and Performance.” You can grab your copy HERE.

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