Increasing Employees’ Productivity and Performance

According to Gallup, in the US only 33% of employees are engaged, which means that every day they are motivated to positively impact and find value for the company. 16% are disengaged and destructive, negatively impacting on the company and the rest 51% are just there in-between watching for openings or looking for a new job.

In the UK it is the same trend, 50-60% of the total working population are not engaged, contributing to millions of GBP in lost productivity.

Leadership around the world is failing miserably and the result is average or low performing people, teams and cultures. The remarkable thing is this has not changed in the last decade. Leadership is not learning from their mistakes and reversing the clear trend. The key gap is they have no clue how people work and how to get the best out of them.

22% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organisation has a clear direction. – Gallup

No wonder employees have little belief in their companies’ leadership. Very simply put, if Leadership could significantly increase the number of engaged employees in their organisations, these highly motivated and valuable workers would dramatically increase productivity and revenue.

Globally this would mean that countries like the US, UK and others whose economies are declining would reverse, increasing prosperity for all.

The World Needs Evolutionary Leaders

To do this the world needs Evolutionary Leaders, ones who have evolved, mastered themselves and have a clear strategy to transform their people, the working environment and culture. Anything less than this means getting eaten up by those companies that have highly engaged employees and leadership. The world’s best organisations have 70% highly engaged employees.

Here are 5 things that I recommend Leaders act on right now:

  1. Be a role model for change. Make a start and move towards learning powerful new skills
  2. Commit to your development. As the 3-time World Champion, All Black rugby team says, “Great people make great All Blacks.”
  3. Hire an expert in the field. Get help to learn and apply your new knowledge. Be humble enough to learn from experts.
  4. Focus on developing your strengths. It is the fastest way to increase performance.
  5. Create a coaching culture. Top coaches invest in people and help organisations to accelerate development and performance.

As leaders, we are all in the people business, yet most of us know more about how our own computer works than the most powerful computer in the world which is found inside of us.

How will you as a Leader take positive action in developing your people skills this year? What will the benefits be for yourself, your people and the results of your organisation?

What is the most important this for us to focus on in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people. – Maori Proverb from New Zealand