3 Steps to Connect Deeply with Others


Timothy’s Thought for Thursday

In the unlikeliest of all places, while picking up plans for my house, I had the pleasure of meeting a man of character. These type of men are hard to find nowadays but when you do, they are plain to see. This man had a presence, a gentleness, and depth about him. It was clear that he was a leader of himself and others. He earned my respect instantly and within a few minutes, we were talking the same talk and understood what makes each other tick.

I got to thinking, how did that happen? How can two people meet as complete strangers and in just a few minutes make a connection and understand what really matters to them?

Here is what I discovered:

  1. Be present, polite, and personable upfront.
  2. Be curious, ask questions, listen, find a common interest.
  3. Agree, give compliments, share what is important to you. (In this case, we agreed that happiness comes from being present and not in the coveting of material possessions.)

Are you able to stimulate a conversation with someone that follows the watercourse way? A conversation that runs to the depths of your being and theirs. How will this support you as a person, a leader or a parent? It is time to leave the surface; to the depths we must go! It is there that you will find what you are looking for.


“In the silence we dive deep, to the depths we must go, and return to find all is not as it once was.” ~ Timothy J. Carroll

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